The hospitality sector is going through difficult times in the world.
With this reality; we dedicated ourselves to building the best application at the most affordable price.
Let’s win together!

Why to choose HappyTable?

Best features with the most affordable prices.

Self-Ordering & Payment
At The Table

With HappyTable, you can present your menu to your customers with the help of a QR code and start taking orders immediately.

Your customers may scan the QR code and reach your menu with their smartphones. They can also order and pay!

Click & Collect

In order to use the Click & Collect feature, place the QR code specific to your business either on your website or at your business door. Let your customers scan the QR code with the camera of their smart devices and access your menu. They can order, pay, and pick up whenever you are ready!

Delivery (Coming soon...)

This feature will be available from your website and
you will be able to take orders and deliver to your customers.

Which package should I choose?

You can choose the right package according to the size and needs of your business.

Features Free Advanced Enterprise
QR Code Menu
Order at the Table
Payment at the Table
Call the Server
Multi-language Menu
Order & Collect
Special Solutions