HappyTable is fulfilled with many features that will increase the profitability of your business.
Check out below to learn all these features.

Free QR Code Menu

We offer the Digital QR Code Menu to our users free of charge. All you have to do is to sign up and start creating your menu. Placing your QR codes on your tables is enough for your customers to view your menu. You can change your menu as many times as you want and adapt it to the color and character of your brand. We say it again, it’s all free!

Order & Pay At The Table

You have prepared your menu, shared it with your customers. Now it’s time to order. Your customers can place their orders through the HappyTable app and even pay if you prefer them to do. If you want to get the payment by yourself, they can pay you the bill. The choice is yours!

Online Ordering (Coming soon...)

With the help of the QR Code you place on your website, you will be able to present your menu to your customers in a fast and simple method, as well as receive online orders and payments. Coming soon!

Multi-Language Menu

Would you like your menu to be displayed in 10 different languages? All you have to do is to create your English menu. HappyTable will take care of the rest.

Call The Server

With the “Call the Server” feature, you can increase your customer satisfaction and have the opportunity to coordinate your employees more efficiently. Allow your customers to contact you whenever they want.

Campaign Management (Coming soon...)

Today, those who can use the data best, earn the most. For example, would you like to start a coffee promotion to your customers who have visited your place in the last 3 months? Or how does it sound sending them a discount coupon that they can use on their next visit? Our “Campaign Management” feature, will help you to design and implement any promotion you like.