The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting government restrictions have had a major negative impact on the restaurant industry. We want to offer our support to the restaurants by our free digital QR Code Menu. If you need more than that, you may use the features like Order & Pay,  Multi-language Menu and much more.


Cafes have one of the fastest customer turnovers in the hospitality business. You can use Digital QR Code Menu and other HappyTable features to provide a hygienic service to your customers. And you may also turn your venue into a more efficient business. Based on the fact that employee cost is the most important operating expense, you can design a more efficient working environment and minimize the time pressure on your employees.

Pubs & Bars

Whether you are a bar chain or a modest business consisting of several tables, HappyTable has been designed as an application where you can quickly present your beverages and snacks menu to your customers. Sign up now and move your menu to digital. Allow your customers to see your menu mobile and order and even pay!

Self Service Venues

No more queuing for checkout in self-service businesses! It is possible to receive online orders and payments with a single QR Code Menu. Let your customers browse your menu, place an order and even pay instead of waiting in line. Let the order go directly to the kitchen. Quickly prepare the food and drink and present it to your customer. Save time and make your customers happy.


Would you like your customers to be able to order from the sunbed by the pool? You can be more efficient with the time your service staff will spend to collect orders from all these areas. Start using the HappyTable digital QR Code Menu for your business, meet efficiency and speed.


With HappyTable, you can manage your hotel visitors’ room orders or their experiences in the hotel restaurant quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is contact us and meet our customized solutions.